The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything

Kara Gnodde

16 March 2023
368 pages


'A delight' – Katherine Heiny, author of Early Morning Riser

'Gorgeous' – Rosie Walsh, bestselling author of The Man Who Didn't Call

The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything
by Kara Gnodde is a heartfelt, intelligent and uplifting novel about true love in all its forms . . .

Bound together by their parents’ tragic death, devoted siblings Mimi and Art have different ideas about everything – most recently, how Mimi should find love.

Mimi believes that love is more than just a numbers game. Art, a maths genius, thinks people are incapable of making sensible decisions, especially about romance. That’s what algorithms are for.

So, when Mimi meets someone, Art starts looking for a glitch. Because something doesn't add up and Art fears he's in danger of losing his sister forever . . .

'Tender, unique and uplifting . . . Such an accomplished debut' – Beth O'Leary, bestselling author of The Flatshare

'My book of the year . . . Smart, funny, tender' – Kate Weinberg, bestselling author of The Truants

The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything is such a special novel. Tender, unique and uplifting, it explores sibling love, romantic love and the love between friends. Such an accomplished debut.
[A] sunny debut, in which heart and mind must work together to shed light on a family secret