Out on 26 October 2023

Christmas By Candlelight

Karen Swan

26 October 2023
900 pages


Snowed in for the holidays, old triths rise to the surface. Christmas by Candlelight is a cosy christmas story from Karen Swan, bestselling author of The Stolen Hours.

It’s three days before Christmas and starting to snow when high-flier Libby and her new boyfriend reluctantly attend her university reunion on the way back from a wedding in Yorkshire.

Hosted by Archie Templeton - the heartbreaker of their group - at his grand family estate, the night is a great success until they go to leave: the road is now impassable and they’re given a bed for the night.

At first, being snowed in together is fun as the old friends wait in high spirits for the farmer to clear a path. But as hours pass with no news, everyone grows restless.

Then the power goes out . . .

Hunkered down together by candlelight, they reminisce about old times - and tensions soon start to rise. Secrets from the past begin to unravel and Libby is confronted with a truth she has long tried to deny.

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