Ruby Red Shoes: A Very Aware Hare

Kate Knapp

Ages 5 to 9
31 May 2018
48 pages


A charming, heartwarming tale, Ruby Red Shoes: A Very Aware Hare is about a hare who treats everyone's feelings with great care.

Ruby Red Shoes is a white hare who lives in a prettily painted caravan with her grandmother. Ruby is gentle, cheerful and enchanting. She is a very aware hare and loves animals and people, trees and nature, flowers and sunshine – not forgetting red shoes . . . She also loves to travel! But home is where her heart lies and she loves nothing better than tending to her chickens, drinking peppermint tea and eating strawberry jam.

Featuring gorgeous full-colour illustrations. This is the first installment in Kate Knapp's Ruby Red Shoes series – follow Ruby on her next adventure in Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris.

This is a truly beautiful book that we have completely fallen in love with. The illustrations are as adorable as the story.
Ruby herself is a delightful protagonist. 'An aware hare' who lives consciously from day to day, enjoying everything about her simple routine, from the veg patch to her dumpling of a cuddly grandmother. This book is so beautifully observed and elegantly written; poetic and wise.