Wolf and Bear

Kate Rolfe

Ages 3 to 6
14 September 2023
32 pages


A heartfelt story about a playful young wolf and her best friend, Bear.

The two best friends always play together, whether it’s paddling in the stream, skidding in the snow, or tumbling in the falling leaves. But sometimes Bear feels sad and wants to be alone . . .

Wolf and Bear is a beautiful tale of kindness and hope, exploring the topic of depression. Authentic and sensitively illustrated, this picture book gently introduces young children to a topic which can often be difficult to discuss.

Written and illustrated by the hugely talented Kate Rolfe, winner of the V&A Student Illustrator of the Year Award 2022.

This beautiful tale of kindness, empathy and hope explores the topic of depression through gentle words and sensitive illustrations created using the unusual technique of cyanotype. The result is a powerfully emotional and stunningly illustrated book which speaks resonantly to youngsters about feeling down. A stunning debut from an impressive new talent.