Keith Ablow

05 November 2015
384 pages


Burdened by his own psychological scars, forensic psychiatrist Dr Frank Clevenger has endured the most extreme twists of the human mind. Then he receives a disturbing call from Nantucket’s chief of police. The five-month-old daughter of prominent billionaire Darwin Bishop has been found murdered in her crib.

The obvious suspect is Darwin’s adopted sociopathic son, Billy. But even Clevenger can’t fathom the motive behind the troubled boy’s murder of an infant. What is Billy really running from? Does Darwin’s stunning wife Julia know? If she does, she isn’t talking. Neither is Bishop’s other son who’s harbouring terrible secrets of his own. Falling for Julia is Clevenger's first mistake. Investigating the Bishops' twisted emotional landscape is his second. As his own demons rise to the surface, he must play the ultimate mind game to catch the killer – and make it out alive...

'Fascinating' New York Times

'A first-rate thriller' Washington Post

'Compulsion is compulsive reading' Harlan Coben