The Architect

Keith Ablow

05 November 2015
352 pages


An extraordinarily talented architect whose clients are America’s wealthiest families. A sociopath whose search for perfection leaves a trail of murders he considers work of art. A story of obsession that opens doors to secret corridors of power – and into the private quarters of the White House itself.

West Crosse, educated at Yale, member of the ultra-elite Order of Skull and Bones, is a stunningly brilliant, strikingly handsome architect with a love of ideal beauty and commitment to achieving it at any cost. But underneath that facade lies a dangerous man who will stop at nothing to create the perfect dwelling and the perfect lives for his high-bred clientele even if that means deadly rehab. . .

As Crosse is about to embark on the masterwork of his creative life, the FBI puts forensic psychiatrist Dr Frank Clevenger on the case, and the ultimate cat-and-mouse game begins.

'Original, well written and very suspenseful. West Crosse is a complex unforgettable bad guy' James Patterson