Close Up

Kelly Brook

Age 16 +
11 September 2014
256 pages


From a council house in Kent to her first home in the Hollywood hills, from being told she was too big to model to becoming an inspiration for curvy girls everywhere, Kelly's life has taken many unexpected turns. As a child she just wanted to be an actress - she never imagined she'd also become a hugely popular pin up girl or that she'd be romanced by film stars and pursued by paparazzi.

Now, in her deeply personal and honest autobiography, Kelly opens up about the men she has loved and the tragic loss and heartache she has overcome. And she reveals how, by refusing to be limited by other people's perceptions of her, she has forged a successful career as an actress, model and business woman. In Close Up we see the real Kelly. The girl behind the gloss. A funny, feisty woman who lives life on her own terms.

Poignant, witty and explosive
A pretty juicy read. We love Kelly's no-nonsense attitude and how every single detail, from exact conversations to which A-lister she was partying with, makes it feel like you're on the ride with her. But alongside the highs come the lows, and the sincerity and sadness with which Kelly writes about her two devastating miscarriages - both while she was dating Thom Evans - will move you to tears [...] An honest and eye-opening account.