Our Souls at Night

Kent Haruf

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05 May 2016
192 pages


'I loved Our Souls at Night' – David Nicholls, author of One Day.

This is a love story.
A story about growing old with grace.

Addie Moore and Louis Waters have been neighbours for years. Now they both live alone, their houses empty of family, their quiet nights solitary. Then one evening Addie pays Louis a visit.

Their brave adventures form the beating heart of Our Souls at Night, Kent Haruf's exquisite final novel.

The language is straightforward and stripped back, calm and unassuming. And it all combines to make a novel which, like Louis and Addie's relationship does for them, warms and expands the heart . . . the sentiment that lingers most, on finishing this beautiful, tranquil, tender novel, is contentment


Simple, low-key and absolutely beautiful.

The Times

I loved Kent Haruf's small-town love story