The 28-Day Vegan Plan

Kim Julie Hansen

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27 December 2018
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The 28-Day Vegan Plan is a guide to going vegan, one step at a time. Food writer and blogger Kim-Julie Hansen offers a practical and easy-to-follow plan, laid out day by day with meal plans, shopping lists, incredible recipes and inspiration.

If you want to become a vegan and don’t know where to start, this is the ultimate guide. But it’s also invaluable for anyone (vegan or not) looking to kick-start healthier habits – whether you have environmental or sustainability concerns, want to feel healthier or simply wish to pack more greens into your everyday diet.

Kim-Julie introduces the benefits of a reset, guides you through the 28-day meal plan, and finishes with additional recipes for beyond the first month. Thanks to incredible recipes such as Black Bean Tacos, Butternut Mac 'n' Cheese and Blueberry–Banana Ice Cream, The 28-Day Vegan Plan will get you craving plant-based meals long after the first month.

A great way to eat more beautiful veg

Jamie Oliver