When I Loved Myself Enough

Kim McMillen

11 January 2018
176 pages


'A simple yet powerful book that reaches straight to the heart.' – John Gray

When I Loved Myself Enough is a beautiful collection of wisdom that is startling in its simplicity. By the end of the book the message becomes clear: loving yourself holds the key to loving others and having others love you. By sharing her insights, the author also shows us how to feel the same sense of peace and quiet joy that illuminated her life.

This book began as one woman's gift to the world, hand-made by Kim McMillen and handed out to friends. After Kim's death her daughter Alison continued making the books – and word of mouth turned this into an underground bestseller in America. Today, decades later, it brings comfort and inspiration to readers around the world.

'This book teaches you how to feel like you are enough so you can operate from self-reliance and self-love.' – Mark Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

A simple yet powerful book that reaches straight to the heart.
A beautiful, simple book that illuminates the important things in life.
This book can make a difference.