Dear Digital, We Need to Talk

Kristy Goodwin

19 December 2023
224 pages


Overwhelmed? Under the pump? Stressed? Time poor? Exhausted? Distracted? Then, you need to have a serious look at how the always-on, digital world is contributing to these symptoms. Dear Digital, We need to talk starts the conversation.

It’s not about taking a #digitaldetox (in fact, you’ll find out why detoxes don’t work), or about throwing away your laptop or cancelling your Netflix subscription.

Instead, this practical, fascinating and realistic book provides brain-based strategies to cultivate healthy and helpful digital habits that work with, rather than against, your brain and body. You’ll learn how to:

• establish digital boundaries

• adopt neuro-productivity principles

• disable digital distractions

• unplug for rest and recovery.

Dear Digital, We Need to Talk will help you take back control of your attention and use technology in ways that will support your productivity and wellbeing at home and in the workplace.