Single Bald Female

Laura Price

19 January 2023
416 pages


'I read this in a single night - superb' – Celia Walden

Frank, funny and poignant, Single Bald Female by Laura Price is a completely unforgettable story of love and friendship.

'Life-affirming and uplifting' – Fabulous (The Sun)

Jessica Jackson has hit all her personal milestones for turning thirty – the career, the loving boyfriend and a cosy London flat they share with their cat. But a shock diagnosis of breast cancer turns Jess’s world upside down, and her contented life implodes with it.

Around her, her friends’ lives continue to follow the script, with the big white weddings and the baby scans. With her own future so uncertain, the only thing Jess is sure of is that she’s being left behind.

But then she meets Annabel, an enigmatic twenty-seven year old with incurable cancer. While Annabel may not have long left, she understands much more about living than anyone Jess has ever met. And she’s determined to show Jess how to make every day count . . .

Praise for Single Bald Female:

'Witty yet devastating' – ES magazine

'Moving and beautiful' – Emma Gannon

'I laughed and wept. It’s an extraordinary novel and one everyone should read' – Alexandra Potter

'Witty and charming characters, twists and turns, and quietly devastating moments' – Justin Myers, author of The Last Romeo

'Life affirming' – Kris Hallenga, Sunday Times bestselling author and founder of CoppaFeel!

'Whether you've experienced cancer, grief, the chaos of the contemporary dating scene or the agony of a modern hen weekend, every word of Single Bald Female rings true' – Lauren Bravo

Inspiring, candid and beautifully observed. Single Bald Female is an extraordinary, hugely moving story about the fight for survival. Life-affirming, tear-jerking and gorgeously written, I was sobbing at the end, and you will be too
Single Bald Female is a sparky, emotional, and heartwarming journey, with a vibrant lead character in Jess. It’s not just about cancer, but its ripple effect on romantic relationships, fickle friends, highs and lows, work dramas, and the myriad custard pies life throws your way that don't stop even for a second just because you're ill. An accomplished debut with witty and charming characters, twists and turns, and quietly devastating moments
A wonderful debut novel. A really touching story, comforting and warm story about friendship, support, life lessons and dealing with unexpected illness. Moving and beautiful