Book cover for Time Come



11 April 2024
336 pages
Imprint: Picador


Linton Kwesi Johnson brought the aural poetry of Jamaican speech to 'H'england' and captured it in verse. He contributed a sharp and still relevant analysis of class dynamics to our literature. Oh, and he also made music from words. Thank you, Linton!
Flecked with passion; taut and reasoned . . . The grace and power of LKJ's writing are as necessary as ever.
An outstanding collection which speaks to the extraordinary achievement of the voice of my generation. Like all great artists, Linton Kwesi Johnson wasn't called - he simply arrived. For his time, and for the ages.
LKJ provided the soundtrack to my youth but these writings are more than nostalgic. Written with humility and generosity, this mosaic of wise, urgent and moving pieces document an important time in British Caribbean history, the emergence of our music, our culture, our heroes and our political history. I loved it.