Theroux The Keyhole

Louis Theroux

23 June 2022
400 pages


Come round to Louis Theroux’s house, where the much-loved documentary-maker finds himself in unexpected danger . . .

Louis’s latest TV series about weirdness – the one involving the American far right, home-grown jihadis, and SoundCloud rappers – has been unexpectedly derailed by the onset of a global pandemic. Now he finds himself locked down in a location even more full of pitfalls, surprises and hostile objects of inquiry: his own home.

Theroux the Keyhole is the candidly honest and hilarious diary of a man attempting to navigate the perils of work and family life, locked down in Covid World with his wife, two teenagers and a Youtube-addict fiver year-old. Why is his wife so intolerant of his obsession with Joe Wicks’s daily workouts? Can he reinvent himself as a podcast host? Why has the internet gone nuts for his old journalistic compadre Joe Exotic? And will his teenage sons ever see him as anything other than ‘cringe’?

This is Louis at his insightful best, as month-by-month he documents his year of unforeseen new challenges - and wonders why it took a pandemic for him to learn that what really matters in life is right in front of him.

He just has a sincere desire to understand people

Even against the horrific backdrop of Covid, [this] book is all the more charming, and blackly amusing, for it.