Hothouse Flower

Lucinda Riley

13 April 2023
1183 pages


From the author of the bestselling Seven Sisters series, Lucinda Riley's Hothouse Flower is a moving story of love, heartbreak and, above all, hope.

Read by Stephanie Racine (Daisy Darker)

Georgian mansion Wharton Park was a place of childhood solace for Julia Forrester, spending summers in the Norfolk countryside with her beloved grandfather. So after tragedy strikes, she finds herself seeking comfort at Wharton and the allure of its hothouse, once home to exotic flowers from all corners of the globe but now lying abandoned. There she meets the new owner, the charming and magnetic Kit Crawford, whose own past is shrouded in sadness and mystery.

When Kit finds an old diary, light is finally shed on Wharton Park's past – revealing a century of secrets and heartache, through war-torn Europe and taking them to the vibrant streets of Thailand. Drawn together on this quest, Julia and Kit can but hope to unearth the truth behind the fortunes and failures of the Crawford family . . .

'Thoroughly addictive storytelling with a moving, emotional heart' – Dinah Jefferies, author of The Tea Planter's Wife

This title has been published outside the UK under the title The Orchid House.

Romantic, revealing and rich in heart-rending emotion and atmospheric detail . . . could well be the pick of Richard and Judy's spring bunch
Atmospheric, heart-rending and multi-layered