Out on 23 November 2023

The Forgotten Tower

Lulu Taylor

23 November 2023
400 pages


The Legacy of Winter is an absorbing gothic tale about a castle full of dark secrets and buried history, from Sunday Times top ten bestselling author Lulu Taylor.


When Arthur Pendleton arrives at Wakefield Castle with cases of precious fossils from the Natural History Museum, all he wants is to protect them from London bombs in peace and quiet. Soon, though, he is drawn to the family there: the deaf old colonel with his Fortnum’s catalogues, Great Aunt Constance and her delicate constitution, and the grandchildren – from the eldest, Imogen, to the youngest, Archie. But who is the beautiful woman he has seen weeping in the castle grounds? Is she real or a ghost?

With war declared, the family at Wakefield Castle prepare to make sacrifices and to open their doors to newcomers. But while the castle offers a refuge for many, including evacuees, it is also a place to hide many things: sorrow, secrets and even people . . .

As winter deepens, an unwelcome arrival begins to change everything, and suddenly danger is apparent within the castle walls itself.

The present

Georgie Wakefield never wanted to be a chatelaine, but the castle is her husband Casper’s legacy and he is determined to restore its fortunes. Hiding from her troubled past, Georgie sets about learning all she can about the family who lived there before her, including from an inherited recipe book with notes in many hands. Who was Etti Boule and why are the children who were there during the war determined to remember her? Can she be connected to the West Tower, with its legends of hauntings and a weeping woman?

The arrival of her sister, escaping from a violent marriage, awakens Georgie’s darkest fears. As the secrets of Wakefield begin to reveal themselves, she realizes that, in order to be free, she must confront what she most dreads . . .

Don’t you just want to grab this, switch off the phone and curl up on the sofa? Winter bliss from Lulu Taylor
Fantastic, all-consuming