Book cover for Animal Sidekicks

Animal Sidekicks

Ages 8 to 10



05 April 2022
128 pages
Imprint: Neon Squid


CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE WEEK "A rollicking ride through the wonderful world of animal symbiosis. In this remarkable book, Macken Murphy brings us a science lesson wrapped up in lots of fun."
"Animal lovers will be sure to find amazing new facts on every page. . . This is an excellent addition to children's non-fiction collections."
"A beautifully, brightly illustrated book about symbiosis... presents a nice mix of the scientifically interesting and the downright disgusting that should help to keep children engaged for a decent amount of time — for example, we particularly enjoyed reading about head lice (after having had first-hand experience of them recently), vampire finches feasting on Nazca boobies and woolly bats pooing in pitcher plants."