Out on 14 September 2023

Vegesaurs: Dinner Time!

Macmillan Children's Books

Baby and toddler
14 September 2023
18 pages


It’s the Late Crunchiest Period, when the world was dominated by the juiciest and freshest creatures ever to rule the planet: the mighty . . . VEGESAURS!

Ginger and the Pea-Rexes are on the hunt for some delicious Chillipede snacks. But when they attract the attention of two hungry Bananaraptors, the Vegesaurs are in trouble! With some quick-thinking and speedy teamwork, Ginger and her friends teach the Bananaraptors that some snacks are simply too hot to handle!

Vegesaurs: Dinner Time! features your favourite characters from the hit show and laugh-out-loud text to read together, this board book story is perfect for young Vegesaurs fans.

Also available: Pea-Rex Rollercoaster, Ginger Meets the Pea-Rexes, and Baby Bok's Flying Lesson