Vegesaurs: Ginger Meets the Pea-Rexes!

Macmillan Children's Books

Ages 2 to 6
06 July 2023
32 pages


Meet Ginger the Tricarrotops and the mighty Vegesaurs in this picture book adventure, based on the hit CBeebies animated TV series

Ginger the Tricarrotops is on the run from a herd of hungry Pea-Rexes – but what happens when three mischievous baby Peas decide they want to be her friend?

Based on the preschool animated series, Vegesaurs: Ginger Meets the Pea-Rexes! is a funny picture book that captures all the adventure and humour of the TV episodes, with themes of friendship, play and healthy eating. Read the exciting story and then enjoy the extra content, including character facts and reading tips.

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