50 dinosaur books for children of all ages

Embark on a prehistoric journey with our selection of captivating and visually stunning dinosaur books for kids

We all know a child who loves dinosaurs, and it's no surprise when there are so many fascinating species to read about and discover! If you’re looking for a dinosaur book to read with a little one in your life, here is our selection of the best dinosaur books for kids of all ages.

There are 101 Dinosaurs in This Book

by Campbell Books

There are 101 Dinosaurs in This Book is perfect for children who are discovering the world around them. Split flip-flap pages encourage spotting and finding skills as little ones match up each set of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures with their natural habitat and learn their names. With five beautifully illustrated scenes plus added early learning activities, there is plenty to do and talk about.

Dinosaur Roar! Buggy Book

Book cover for Dinosaur Roar! Buggy Book

Dinosaur Roar! Buggy Book is a special buggy-friendly edition of this modern classic so even the very youngest dinosaur fans can enjoy Henrietta and Paul Stickland's much-loved book. With rhyming text and bright, funny and lively illustrations, Dinosaur Roar! Buggy Book will keep little-ones entertained.

This Little Dinosaur

by Alberta Torres

Follow ten little dinosaurs as they dress up, explore and more in this fun preschool counting book based on the classic nursery rhyme This Little Piggy. With ten children to find and count as you turn the pages, loads to spot along the way, and a special surprise fold-out ending, this picture book is specially developed for imaginative little preschool dinosaurs everywhere.

Say Hello to the Dinosaurs

by Ian Whybrow

Are you ready with your roars? Then say Hello to the Dinosaurs! This fun-filled prehistoric adventure from author and illustrator team Ian Whybrow and Tim Warnes will teach young children all about the different species of dinosaur – from the gentle diplodocus to the underwater ichthyosaurus.

Dinosaur Sleepover

by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Spending the night away from home can be a scary prospect if you’ve never done it before, even if you’re a dinosaur! Written by Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrated by Deborah Allwright, this dinosaur book is perfect for reading with children who feel anxious about going to their first sleepover.


by Chorkung

Explore prehistoric forests, swamps and woodland, Triceratops and the fierce Tyrannosauris rex, as well as lots of other amazing creatures who lived in the ancient world. Each scene has chunky push, pull and slide mechanisms, animals to spot and fun facts about dinosaurs. Beautifully illustrated by Chorkung, this title has gentle learning and is a magical introduction to dinosaurs.

First 100 Dinosaurs

by Roger Priddy

Book cover for First 100 Dinosaurs

 With a padded cover and a small, easy-to-hold size, this new addition to the First 100 Soft To Touch series is the perfect little book for dinosaur fans. Covering many types of dinosaurs from carnivores to herbivores, horned dinosaurs to marine reptiles and other topics such as fossil discovery, this book is a great introduction to all dinosaur-related words.

Night Night Dinosaur

by Roger Priddy

Book cover for Night Night Dinosaur

Get little dinosaur lovers ready for  bedtime with Night, Night, Dinosaur. Children will love seeing the playful dinos get ready for bed, turn the shaped pages and watch them gently fall to sleep. With irresistibly sweet illustrations and a magical sky of glow-in-the-dark stars, Night Night Dinosaur is the perfect way to end the day.

Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones

by Lily Murray

Maisie Jones can always be seen out searching the sea shore for treasures that she sells in her family's fossil shop. She wants to make a big discovery – to find her very own dinosaur bones. But when she does find something spectacular, a stuffy man in a top hat steals her discovery, and tries to claim it for himself! Maisie Jones and the Dinosaur Bones is a fun, feminist, fossil-filled adventure that tells all young children to follow their dreams.

Tyrannosaurus Drip

by Julia Donaldson

A rhyming adventure from the bestselling picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and David Roberts, Tyrannosaurus Drip is the story of a baby dinosaur who turns out to be not quite what he seems. A tale about celebrating the differences between us all, Tyrannosaurus Drip will become a firm favourite with kids and parents everywhere.

First Dinosaur Picture Atlas

by David Burnie

Beautifully illustrated by children's artist Anthony Lewis, with lively age-appropriate text by zoologist and environmentalist David Burnie, the First Dinosaur Picture Atlas explains where dinosaurs came from and how they lived in different habitats across the world. Travel the globe and spot different species of dinosaur in this absorbing look-and-find book. This atlas will delight young children and is the perfect first dinosaur reference book for both home and school.

I Can Roar Like a Dinosaur

by Karl Newson

Mouse is determined to teach her animal friends how to roar like a dinosaur. She gets to work on her dino-roar, but what's that coming up behind them with an impressive roar of its own?  I Can Roar Like a Dinosaur is the folow-up to to Karl Newson and Ross Collins's hilarious I am a Tiger and I am not an Elephant

Dinosaur Lands

by Neiko Ng

This board book is packed with prehistoric scenes and every type of dinosaur for children to discover. From the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex to the stampeding triceratops, children aged 3-5 will have hours of fun identifying the species as they flip through the colourfully illustrated pages of Dinosaur Lands, and spotting the baby dinosaur hidden in every scene.

Dinosaurs Don't Draw

by Elli Woollard

What do you think of when you think of a dinosaur? Maybe stamping, stomping and roaring, but certainly not drawing! This heartwarming tale of a talented young dinosaur who just can’t help but create brilliant works of art while the rest of his family are fighting will teach children that it’s okay to be different from everyone around you.

Pop-Up Planet: Dinosaurs

by Dragan Kordic

The dinosaur world is brought to life in Pop-Up Planet: Dinosaurs! Spanning millions of years across the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, readers will discover the epic story of the dinosaurs, with each pop-up bringing to life the key creatures of each distinct period. Fascinating facts and eye-catching illustrations by Dragan Kordic will delight and entertain even the most reluctant reader. 


by Campbell Books

Meet the little Iguanodon as she explores the prehistoric world around her with her dinosaur friends in this interactive board book for toddlers and preschool children. With push, pull and slide mechanisms on each page revealing hidden details and facts about these lesser-known but lovable dinosaurs, your little one will learn about this fascinating creature while developing their fine motor skills. 


by Campbell Books

Another beautifully illustrated dinosaur book for kids, Spinosaurus will teach your little one about the incredible dinosaurs who had spiny scales running up their backs. Join the grumpy Spinosaurus as he explores the swamp, swims through the marshes in search of his dinner, and frightens the little dinosaurs with his scary spines. With hidden details to discover on every page, this interactive story will enchant dinosaur-loving toddlers and early readers.

A Dinosaur Ate My Sister

by Pooja Puri Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan

Esha Verma, her snotty apprentice Broccoli and his cunning pet tortoise have a dream. They are going to win the legendary Brain Trophy – the ultimate inventing prize. This year's entry: A TIME MACHINE. But the day before the competition, Esha's IGNORAMUS big sister hijacks the time machine and is lost in the Cretaceous age. With help from a new recruit for The Office of Time, Esha and Broccoli will have to face hungry dinosaurs, mysterious black holes and malfunctioning inventions to get them back in time.

Explorers: Dinosaurs

by Dougal Dixon

Explorers: Dinosaurs is packed with fascinating facts and illustrated spreads about many species of dinosaur, a perfect companion for children looking to find out everything there is to know about these prehistoric creatures. There's a fun extra element: coloured buttons throughout the book allow readers to jump about through the book and find connections between topics.

The Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia

by Michael Benton

Discover the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that once roamed across Earth and commanded the oceans and seas. Colourful illustrations, 3D reconstructions and step-by-step sequences detail the latest scientific research about these magnificent creatures. Discover which baby dinosaur had a footprint smaller than a fifty pence coin, witness how a recent discovery has brought scientists closer to truly knowing dinosaurs' colouring and meet the scientists who have unearthed groundbreaking revelations.

Escape Room Puzzles: Dinosaur Island

by Claire Lister

Are you smart enough to help Zane, Kiran, Ethan and Cassia escape from Dinosaur Island in this fast-moving puzzle adventure? Escape Room Puzzles: Dinosaur Island is packed with all kinds of puzzles, including fiendish mazes, cunning logic problems, tricky memory challenges and much more. To escape from Dinosaur Island, you will need every ounce of brainpower to progress through the challenges, navigating through five locations to the final exit – and watch out for dangerous kid-eating dinosaurs as you go! 

Dino Detective in Training

by Tracey Turner

Find fossils and follow the footsteps of prehistoric giants by learning how to become a dino detective! Discover the life and career of a palaeontologist – what they do and how you could unearth a T-rex fossil. Find out how planet Earth has changed, the different types of rock you'll need to recognise and where fossils are likely to be found. Dino Detective In Training is full of fun and practical activities that support learning complete with humorous illustrations.

The Book of . . . Dinosaurs

by Various

Ever wondered why you never see dinosaurs in the zoo? Or how big a dino poo is? And when dinosaurs made noise, what did it sound like? This book answers a wide range of questions that children ask about dinosaurs, and provides supporting, fun-filled facts. Appealing artworks help explain the answers, allowing children to build up their knowledge in a fun and gentle way.

Dinosaurs Rock!

by Dougie Poynter

Roars, claws and jaws – get your teeth into the ultimate dino guide! Filled with tons of fun facts, hilarious jokes and incredible infographics. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about these jaw-droppingly cool pre-historic legends in Dinosaurs Rock! – including facts that will blow your mind, dino profiles, dinosaurs in pop culture, dino jokes, historical bloopers and loads more.

Kat Wolfe Takes the Case

by Lauren St John

A chapter book for young amateur sleuths to enjoy, the second in Lauren St John’s Wolfe & Lamb series sees best friends Kat Wolfe and Harper Lamb journey to the Jurassic Coast for their latest case. Following the discovery of a rare ‘dragon dinosaur’, sleepy Bluebell Bay becomes a hub for scientists and the world’s press. After the girls begin investigating a suspicious death, they realise that their faithful sidekick – Kat’s wild cat – is in grave danger.

The Age of Dinosaurs: The Rise and Fall of the World's Most Remarkable Animals

by Steve Brusatte

Join modern-day dinosaur hunter Dr Steve Brusatte as he takes you on a brilliant prehistoric journey – armed with cutting edge technology, he is piecing together the complete story of how the dinosaurs ruled the earth for 150 million years. Discover their incredible true adventures, meet other dinosaur hunters, find out what it's like to be a paleontologist and even how it feels to discover a new type of dinosaur!