Dinosaur books for babies and toddlers

Dinosaur Roar!

Celebrating its 25th year in print in 2019, this edition of Henrietta & Paul Stickland’s classic dinosaur storybook comes with an exciting addition - a roaring sound button! Young children will love reading along with the story and pressing the button to hear the dinosaur roar, and the bold illustrations and rhyming text are guaranteed to make this picture book a firm favourite in any household.


Say Hello to the Dinosaurs

Are you ready with your roars? Then say Hello to the Dinosaurs! This fun-filled prehistoric adventure from author and illustrator team Ian Whybrow and Tim Warnes will teach young children all about the different species of dinosaur - from the gentle diplodocus to the underwater ichthyosaurus.


Dinosaur Sleepover

Spending the night away from home can be a scary prospect if you’ve never done it before, even if you’re a dinosaur! Written by Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrated by Deborah Allwright, this dinosaur book is perfect for reading with children who feel anxious about going to their first sleepover.


Dinosaur books for kids aged 3-5

I Can Roar Like a Dinosaur

Mouse is determined to teach her animal friends how to roar like a dinosaur. She gets to work on her dino-roar, but what's that coming up behind them with an impressive roar of its own?  I Can Roar Like a Dinosaur is the folow-up to to Karl Newson and Ross Collins's hilarious I am a Tiger and I am not an Elephant

Tyrannosaurus Drip

A rhyming adventure from the bestselling picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and David Roberts,  Tyrannosaurus Drip is the story of a baby dinosaur who turns out to be not quite what he seems. A tale about celebrating the differences between us all, Tyrannosaurus Drip will become a firm favourite with kids and parents everywhere.


Dinosaur Lands

This board book is packed with prehistoric scenes and every type of dinosaur for children to discover. From the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex to the stampeding triceratops, children aged 3-5 will have hours of fun identifying the species as they flip through the colourfully illustrated pages of Dinosaur Lands, and spotting the baby dinosaur hidden in every scene.


Dinosaurs Don’t Draw

What do you think of when you think of a dinosaur? Maybe stamping, stomping and roaring, but certainly not drawing! This heartwarming tale of a talented young dinosaur who just can’t help but create brilliant works of art while the rest of his family are fighting will teach children that it’s okay to be different from everyone around you.


Dinosaur books for kids aged 6-8

The Dinosaurs Book

Covering not just dinosaurs, but also prehistoric mammals and marine reptiles, The Dinosaur Book is the ultimate guide to all types of prehistoric life. The new edition of this dinosaur encyclopedia for children is updated with the latest scientific discoveries and over 1000 colour images to help bring these incredible creatures to life.


Explorers: Dinosaurs

Explorers: Dinosaurs is packed with fascinating facts and illustrated spreads about many species of dinosaur, a perfect companion for children looking to find out everything there is to know about these prehistoric creatures.


Dinosaur books for kids aged 9-12

Kat Wolfe Takes the Case

A chapter book for young amateur sleuths to enjoy, the second in Lauren St John’s Wolfe & Lamb series sees best friends Kat Wolfe and Harper Lamb journey to the Jurassic Coast for their latest case. Following the discovery of a rare ‘dragon dinosaur’, sleepy Bluebell Bay becomes a hub for scientists and the world’s press. After the girls begin investigating a suspicious death, they realise that their faithful sidekick - Kat’s wild cat - is in grave danger.

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