Sidesplitters: Champion Crack-ups


Illustrated by Martin Chatterton

Ages 7 to 9
02 February 2012
64 pages


What do footballers drink?


How can you swim a mile in just a few seconds?

Go over a waterfall!

When is a basketball player like a baby?

When he dribbles!

This hilarious collection of over 150 jokes is an absolute must for any sports fan with a sense of humour. It features a spendidly silly array of jokes about a wide variety of sports – from soccer to swimming – each illustrated with a funny line drawing. It’s the perfect way to cheer up the losing team!

Sidesplitters are hilarious themed joke books at terrific value-for-money prices. Eye-popping cover designs and a funny cartoon illustration for every joke give these books real kid-appeal. Other titles in the series include: What a Hoot, Seriously Silly School Jokes, Ho Ho Ho, Yuck!, Hee Hee Hee, Knock Knock, Unforgettable Elephant Jokes, and the bind-ups Ha Ha Ha and A Joke a Day.