Out on 19 June 2025

Red Flags

Maddy Anholt

19 June 2025
384 pages


Do you have an uncanny ability to attract toxic partners?

Are you forever finding yourself trapped in confidence-corroding relationships?

After more than a decade tumbling from one controlling partner to another, comedian Maddy Anholt was finally able to break the cycle. Here, she shares everything she’s learned about how to spot warning signs, recognize controlling traits and find the strength you need to break free.

Now with a foreword from Maddy’s fellow Women's Aid ambassador, bestselling author Holly Bourne, Red Flags will help you to understand why you keep repeating patterns in relationships – romantic or otherwise – and encourage you to explore concepts such as co-dependency, love bombing and gaslighting. Complete with its very own ‘Psychometer’ and full of the bitesized psychology she learned the hard way, this darkly funny, accessible and practical book has all the resources you need to check out of heartbreak hotel forever.

Maddy Anholt tragically died from a rare form of brain cancer in 2023. This book is her legacy.

Previously published in hardback as How to Leave your Psychopath.

As someone who has experienced coercive control myself, I know that speaking out is brave but so important. Maddy talks about this very serious issue in an extremely human often even funny way which I think is brilliant because it helps remove the fear and shame, and will help so many learn to recognise what an abusive relationship is.
Maddy Anholt has written the ultimate guide to identifying the psychopath in your life. Combining scientific analysis with throat-tightening memoir, read this and extradite yourself from the power players. Taut, terrifying, terrific.
[Red Flags] is like sitting in a room with your girlfriends comparing relatable, crushing stories about cruel exes whilst cheerleading each other on to leave, heal, and live again.