Out on 25 June 2026
Book cover for Red Flags

Red Flags



25 June 2026
384 pages
Imprint: Bluebird


As someone who has experienced coercive control myself, I know that speaking out is brave but so important. Maddy talks about this very serious issue in an extremely human often even funny way which I think is brilliant because it helps remove the fear and shame, and will help so many learn to recognise what an abusive relationship is.
Maddy Anholt has written the ultimate guide to identifying the psychopath in your life. Combining scientific analysis with throat-tightening memoir, read this and extradite yourself from the power players. Taut, terrifying, terrific.
[Red Flags] is like sitting in a room with your girlfriends comparing relatable, crushing stories about cruel exes whilst cheerleading each other on to leave, heal, and live again.
I read it all in one sitting, it is brilliant! This book is so relatable, really well written and Maddy's funny and engaging approach starts serious conversations about what a healthy relationship is.