Madam Secretary

Madeleine Albright

05 July 2012
576 pages


Madeleine Albright was for eight years during the first and second Clinton terms privy to some of the most fascinating and controversial episodes in recent memory. Her refreshingly candid memoir brings to life the world leaders with whom she worked and the joys and difficulties of her own private life: her daughters, the painful break-up of her marriage, and the discovery late in life of her Jewish grandparents' fate. Weaving together the public and the private, the national and the intimate, Madam Secretary is a valuable contribution to political history and destined to become a classic of its kind.

'It is a mark of the excellence of this memoir by the highest-ranking woman in American history . . . that it could not have been written by a man . . . Ms Albright’s authentic voice is vivid . . . [an] unusually honest book' Jonathan Mirsky, Spectator

'It is fashionable in some of the more rabid right-wing Washington salons to look at the Clinton years as ones of drift and equivocation. [ Madam Secretary] makes a case for the defence - in foreign policy at least - that largely avoids the partisan sniping . . . If that were this book's only quality it would be worth noting' Alex Massie, Scotland on Sunday