Out on 08 August 2024

They Dream In Gold

Mai Sennaar

08 August 2024
432 pages


Two Dreamers, United By A Sound

Bonnie and Mansour are meant to be: two children abandoned by their mothers from opposite sides of the Black Atlantic, who find each other in New York in 1968 and set about making music that will change the world.

Mansour’s sound is unique: a fusion of Senegalese prayer songs, and the wild beats of East Coast American jazz. His voice soars and lifts, carrying away the hearts of all who hear him; carrying away Bonnie, a lost American girl with her own troubled past.

As they travel together from New York to Paris, to Rio and Switzerland, Mansour’s music forges connections and breaks new ground. Soon it seems as though fame and unimaginable riches are only a heartbeat away.

But suddenly Mansour is missing. And Bonnie, pregnant with his child, sets out to find him. Her journey and their story will take the reader across the globe and into a world of sound, as we chart the rocky course that led to their stars colliding.

'A remarkable comment on motherhood, diaspora, and ambition.' - Sarah Jessica Parker

A mouthwatering delight. A reader traverses half the globe through this story, becomes a singer and a dancer and a chef; and is welcomed into a formidable community of women where love is the unshakeable glue. Subtle yet striking, They Dream in Gold is a remarkable comment on motherhood, diaspora, and ambition.