Out on 08 August 2024
Book cover for They Dream In Gold

They Dream In Gold



08 August 2024
432 pages
Imprint: Picador


A mouthwatering delight. A reader traverses half the globe through this story, becomes a singer and a dancer and a chef; and is welcomed into a formidable community of women where love is the unshakeable glue. Subtle yet striking, They Dream in Gold is a remarkable comment on motherhood, diaspora, and ambition.
One of the most beautiful debuts I’ve ever read — musical, magical, and full of tenderness for the unique histories and identities entwined in love.'
They Dream in Gold sends us on a journey around the world with a remarkable cast of women in search of belonging and the realization of their dreams. Sennaar tells their story with a musician’s ear for rhythm and subtlety, and indeed, music and love beat strong in the heart of this powerful debut. I would follow these characters anywhere.
I adored this Afrobeat love story... a remarkable tapestry of lives buffeted by fate, this lyrical, tender epic explores migration, diaspora, motherhood and ambition