Rates of Exchange

Malcolm Bradbury

13 September 2012
368 pages


Slaka! Land of lake and forest, of beetroot and tractor. Slaka! Land whose borders are sometimes here, often further north, and sometimes not at all!

Dr Petworth is on a cultural exchange to the small (and fictional) Eastern European country of Slaka. Pallid and middle-aged, Dr Petworth might appear stuffy, but during his short stay he manages to embroil himself in the thorny thickets of sexual intrigue and love, while still finding time to see the major sites.

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1983, Rates of Exchange took Bradbury’s satirical gifts to a new level.

'Explosively funny' Daily Telegraph
‘The work of a master not only of language and comedy, but of feeling too’ Claire Tomalin
'A satirist of great assurance and accomplishment.' Observer