Bored and Brilliant

Manoush Zomorodi

2018 Winner

Big Book Awards: Smart Thinking Award

22 February 2018
208 pages


Have you ever noticed how you have your best ideas when doing the dishes or staring out the window? Discover why such ‘idle’ activities are crucial for our creativity and start to reclaim those still moments.

'Bored and Brilliant is full of easy steps to make each day more effective' – Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit

In this easy to follow, practical book, award-winning journalist Manoush Zomorodi reveals how our 'plugged-in' lifestyles affect our brains. We are addicted to our phones; tweet as we watch TV, watch TV as we commute, check Facebook as we walk and Instagram while we eat. Bored and Brilliant expertly diagnoses the implications of our screen-addictions and provides pragmatic solutions to resist being drowned by digital stimulation.

The perfect companion for those keen on optimizing time, nourishing their creativity, and handling technology thoughtfully. Don't let the ceaseless chatter of the digital world throttle your original thinking.

Switch off and rediscover the power of simply doing nothing.

A timely, political and liberating book exploring the neurological reasons why tech might be getting in the way of your creativity and problem-solving...Zomorodi explores why we need to step away from social, streaming and snapping in order to daydream, and how to do it in practical steps
A breezy and engaging book that is a little philosophy and a lot of self-help. This could do for unplugging what Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up did for decluttering
Bored and Brilliant is full of easy steps to make each day more effective and every life more intentional. Manoush’s mix of personal stories, neuroscience, and data will convince you that boredom is actually a gift