Helen of Troy

Margaret George

05 January 2007
768 pages


Bestselling author Margaret George brings to life the beguiling tale of Helen of Troy, a pivotal figure in Greek mythology whose beauty ignited the fabled Trojan War.

George uncovers the complexity of Helen's character, as her mortal and divine identities intertwined – flesh and blood certainly, but also immortal, as the daughter of Zeus. Her beauty, is so overwhelming and dangerous that, as a child, she is protected from seeing her reflection. Both enchanting and hazardous, it garnered her the attention of powerful men, leading to unforeseen alliances and monumental adversities.

Kings and princes compete for her hand in marriage. When she falls for Paris of Troy it is assumed that he has taken her by force, when her actions are far more complex. But so the Trojan War begins – the most pivotal event in the history of ancient Greece.

Exploiting meticulous research, Helen of Troy is an intoxicating, tragic and passionate saga of the individuals who shaped ancient Greek history.

‘An epic novel . . . If only history lessons had been like this’ – Cosmopolitan