Goodnight Moon

Margaret Wise Brown

Illustrated by Clement Hurd

Ages 3 to 6
07 July 2022
34 pages


A beautiful anniversary edition of the classic bedtime story with shiny gold cover flourishes – the ideal gift and perfect for sharing at bedtime to sooth small children to sleep.

Featuring a look at the fascinating story behind the creation of one of the most famous children's books in the world, beloved by Michelle Obama and Neil Gaiman alike, as well as tips on how to get your child to sleep.

In a great green room a little bunny is tucked up snugly and safely in bed and is getting ready to say goodnight to all the familiar things in his room, one by one.

Margaret Wise Brown's comforting, rhythmic text accompanied by the warmth of Clement Hurd's classic mid-century illustrations make Goodnight Moon a timeless picture book, which is known and loved around the world.

The sound of the words, the ideas they convey and the pictures combine to lull and reassure
Rhythmic, gently lulling words combined with warm and equally lulling pictures make this beloved classic an ideal bedtime book
The words are like an incantation, a spell - intoxicating for children and mercifully unannoying for parents, even on the hundredth reading.