Let's Meet Taylor

Claire Baker

Alexandra Koken

Illustrated by Mariana Avila Lagunes

Ages 3 to 6
15 February 2024
32 pages


A style icon, talented singer-songwriter and true role model – we love you Taylor! But where did it all begin for the global superstar?

In this fun and inspirational picture book, follow Taylor Swift's amazing journey from growing up on a Christmas tree farm to the multi-talented and award-winning star she is today, including her earliest performances and the supportive messages we all love and need. Discover how she never gave up on her dream, how she's taught everyone to believe in themselves, and how she inspires everyone through her music, messages and metaphors.

Record-breaking Taylor is hugely successful singer-songwriter across many styles and instruments, always determined to do things her way and stay in control of her music. Her legendary tours have been loved by millions of fans, so much so that the ground shook as much as an earthquake at a show in Seattle!

There's a Taylor Swift Easter egg hiding on every page – can you find them all? Look closely and you'll find her best-known styles and iconic hair flips, as well as song references. Count the butterflies to reveal her lucky number!

Perfect for fans of all ages, this unofficial biography filled with gentle text by Alexandra Koken and Claire Baker, and bright illustrations by Swiftie Mariana Avila Lagunes. Let's Meet Taylor is the ideal book for anyone who wants to share in Taylor's dream and celebrate her phenomenal success.

Are you ready to meet Taylor Swift? Then be like Taylor on stage and dive right in!

"For preschool Swifties who want to know more about their idol, here's a sweet picture book biography with just the right amount of text to hold their attention."
Good Housekeeping US