Out on 22 August 2024

Love Me!

Marianne Power

22 August 2024
352 pages


Can you be happy without a partnership at the centre of your life?

Society still sets the gold standard for successful living as a marriage and kids. As Marianne Power turns forty, she wonders why this is still so elusive for her and whether, in fact, this is what she even wants, or just what she feels like she should want. At first, she tries to lean into the alternatives – self-love, self-marriage, sisterhood – but is she avoiding confronting her fears about commitment, relationships and sex?

Determined to find out for sure, Marianne sets off on a journey to answer the question: can you have a life full of love without marriage and kids? From tantra to Skype sex, from polyamory to sologamy, Marianne’s quest takes her to some hilarious, scary and moving places – and she discovers that maybe, in these chaotic times, loving thy neighbour is more important than romantic ideals.

Honest, intimate and inspiring, Love Me! is about the freedom to envision the life you want, and finding the courage to choose it.