Out on 27 June 2024


Mariel Franklin

27 June 2024
304 pages


Adrift in her early thirties, Mary sets out to change her life, one ill-advised decision at a time.

First, she books a spontaneous flight to Ibiza where she meets Tom, a brilliant young chemist working on an experimental drug called eudaxa that claims to cure the anxieties of modern life. As their connection deepens, Mary thinks she might finally be falling in love.

Then Mary lands a job at Openr, an innovative dating app seeking to create a romantic marketplace in which everyone is equally attracted to everyone else. Openr has no limits and its founder, Mary’s ex-girlfriend Lara, will do everything it takes to make it a global phenomenon. When Mary introduces Lara and Tom, love and pharma collide with devastating consequences.

Whip-smart and painfully relatable, Bonding is a uniquely modern story of love, drugs, and the messy tangle of our digital age.