Natural Solutions to PCOS

Marilyn Glenville

26 April 2012
256 pages


In this reassuring guide, Dr Marilyn Glenville, PhD, offers simple steps to living a symptom-free life with PCOS. Taking a natural approach designed to respect the delicate balance of the female body, she will help you clearly diagnose your condition and tailor a personal plan to manage and eliminate your symptoms. Her advice includes:

- A 7-Step Diet to control your cycle and beat PCOS

- How to protect your fertility and conceive

- The best supplements and herbs to manage your symptoms

- Lifestyle changes to improve your health

- Clear guidance on the surgical and drug options

This practical handbook will help you lose weight, clear your skin and protect your fertility so you can beat PCOS and live a healthy, happy life.

'A great resource for any woman with PCOS looking to use natural approaches to manage their condition and have a baby' Rachel Hawkes, Chair of Verity, the PCOS charity