Marisa G. Franco, PhD

15 September 2022
336 pages


The instant New York Times Bestseller.

A life-affirming handbook on how understanding the science of attachment can help you find friends and forge strong, lasting connections with others.

'A timely, unique guide to approaching friendship, often the profoundest source of connection in your life, with the love (and self-reflection) it deserves.' – Francesca Specter, author of Alonement

When was the last time you put yourself out there to make a new friend? For many of us, the answer is too long ago.

Step forward psychologist and friendship expert Dr Marisa G. Franco, who explains how the undervaluing of friendship in our culture has led to an epidemic of isolation, and what we can do about it. Using the groundbreaking framework behind attachment theory, Platonic teaches us to identify and understand our individual styles – secure, anxious or avoidant – and why exploring how we behave in relationships is the key to unlocking what we’re doing right (and what we could do better) in our friendships. This book is the ultimate guide to learning how we make and keep friends for life.

'Platonic is a fantastic guide not just for making and keeping friends – it’s also a manifesto for how to more effectively invest in the stuff that really matters in life.' – Dr Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University and host of The Happiness Lab podcast

Filled with studies, interviews, and real-life stories, Marisa Franco leads us back to what matters most: love in all its forms. If you want to feel genuinely connected, read this book
If you don’t want to see the doctor, see your friends. The evidence on this is very clear—having strong connections is the lowest-hanging fruit on the tree of a healthy life. What’s less straightforward is how you go about doing that, so see this doctor and she’ll help keep you away from the other ones.
Platonic is an intensive exploration about the healing nature and safe-haven to be found in friendships. It’s a gentle, yet affirming, call-in for us to investigate how we’ve regarded the platonic relationships in our life and opportunities for deep fulfillment that we may be missing out on.