Out on 14 November 2024

The Courting of Bristol Keats

Mary E. Pearson

14 November 2024
560 pages


From internationally bestselling author Mary E. Pearson, The Courting of Bristol Keats is the first book in her debut adult fantasy series, filled with forbidden romance, deadly faerie curses and pulse-pounding action.

'Mary E. Pearson is the new queen of Faerie' - Stephanie Garber, bestselling author of Once Upon a Broken Heart

After losing both their parents, Bristol Keats and her sisters struggle to stay afloat in their small, quiet town of Bowskeep. When Bristol begins to receive letters from an 'aunt' she’s never heard of, who promises to help, she reluctantly agrees to meet her – and discovers that everything she thought she knew about her family is a lie. Her father might even still be alive, not killed but kidnapped by terrifying creatures and taken to another realm – the one he is from.

Desperate to save her father and find the truth, Bristol journeys to a land of gods, fae and monsters. Pulled into a dangerous world of magic and intrigue, she makes a deadly bargain with the fae king, Tyghan. But what she doesn't know is that he's the one who drove her parents to live a life on the run. And he is just as determined as she is to find her father – dead or alive . . .

A heart-wrenching love story that spans worlds and decades, The Courting of Bristol Keats by Mary E. Pearson explores second chances – the ones we are denied and the ones we refuse to give – and the lines we cross that may never be forgiven.

Mary E. Pearson is the new queen of Faerie
It was with great delight that I looked forward to a new series by Mary E. Pearson — and she did not disappoint. The fae world she creates that intersects ours is rich, lush, and full of the thorny moral conundrums you love about her writing
Forbidden romance, deception, and a rich faerie world that's filled with equal parts magic and danger makes for the start of a highly addictive and fantastical new series. Pearson is at the top of her game in this richly satisfying debut that will leave readers hungry for more