Branding Yourself

Mary Spillane

22 September 2000
400 pages


This guide gives you the tools and techniques to make the right impact first time, every time. Looking for your first job? Reinventing yourself for promotion or a fresh start? Going back to work? Whether you're a freelance, corporate employee, CEO or entrepreneur, the principles are the same: not only be someone people can do business with successfully, but look and act the part in an effective package.

Maybe you don't have certain skills or abilities, but you've got the ambition. Or you know how to negotiate the deal, but you've got to get that foot in the door - and keep it there. Don't be written off simply because you don't look or act the part: follow these methods, tried, tested and proven at the highest level.

Mary Spillane's practical advice for men and women includes worksheets to assess your priorities, manageable checklists, case studies of her ideas at work, plus tips and guidelines for interviews, meetings and presentions - from clothing and accessories to sexual politics, body language and manners - formal and smart casual - and international relevance for world class style. You won't find your personality repressed: you'll find it reinforced for success.