The Fun Habit

Mike Rucker

26 January 2023
288 pages


Discover compelling scientific evidence for the value of fun - and of how having more of it will help you achieve better work-life balance, reduce stress and much more.

Doesn’t it seem that the more we seek happiness, the more elusive it becomes?

There is an easy fix, hiding in plain sight. Fun is an action you can take here and now, practically anywhere, anytime. There is a multitude of research that proves how beneficial fun is to our pysical and psychological well-being, yet all too often, its absence from our modern lives is striking. Whether you’re a frustrated high-achiever trying to find a better work-life balance or someone simply seeking relief from life’s overwhelming challenges, it's time to look into fun as a solution. The Fun Habit is the ultimate guide to reaping the serious benefits of fun.

Drawing on cutting edge research, accessible science, and practical recommendations, Dr Mike Rucker explains how you can build having fun into an actionable and effortless habit and why doing so will help you become healthier, joyful and more productive.

This accessible, practical and thoroughly researched book not only reminds you that what really matters in life is to enjoy yourself, but also shows you how easy it can be. A joyful read that will change how you think about fun!
A masterful distillation of science and personal experience, The Fun Habit uncovers the amazing power we have to improve our present state and shows how fun is the key to an enjoyable and fulfilling life. Readers looking for actionable science-based strategies, rather than pie in the sky promises, will love this book. - Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable