All This Has Nothing To Do With Me

Monica Sabolo

Translated by Georgina Collins
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08 September 2016
160 pages
Piecing together emails and Facebook stalkings, this study of a broken heart is set to be one of the coolest novels of the year


Monica Sabolo dissects an unhappy love affair with as much precision as CSI: Miami

Grazia (France)

How does a beautiful young woman - a little crazy, sure - end up consulting a spiritualist? . . . Let he who has loved without becoming a monster throw the first lighter . . . All This Has Nothing To Do With Me is a small, deeply singular work . . . The success of this extremely amiable book owes as much to its unique ambition as its disparate form. The work is carried by a constant sense of self-directed irony, and an unfailing sense of humour.

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