Spaghetti Hunters

Morag Hood

Illustrated by Morag Hood

Ages 3 to 6
23 July 2020
32 pages


"I adore Duck and Tiny Horse. Funny, silly and totally original." - Josh Widdicombe

Spaghetti Hunters is a brilliantly funny and wonderfully silly picture book, featuring a duck, a tiny horse and quest for spaghetti, from the award-winning Morag Hood – creator of The Steves, I Am Bat.

Duck has lost his spaghetti, and Tiny Horse has a plan to save the day. But what exactly do you bring to a Spaghetti Hunt? A spade, a fishing rod, a jar of peanut butter, cutlery and some binoculars, obviously.

Searching far and wide, Tiny Horse catches worms, a ball of string, even a snake but no spaghetti. Disaster! Until Duck consults a recipe book and armed with flour, eggs and a pasta maker, sets about making his own spaghetti.

This infectiously comic story encourages reading and home-cooking, teaching children about where food really comes from.

If you are looking for a story about a duck and a tiny horse hunting for spaghetti, this is probably the only one on the subject. Wacky and funny, with bright, graphic images in flat colour, it will make mealtimes giggly.
Morag Hood deploys her characteristic surreal comedy via bold primary-coloured images in Spaghetti Hunters (Two Hoots), in which Duck, hindered by the enthusiastic Tiny Horse, embarks on a search for the trickiest of all pastas (“You can’t just MAKE spaghetti”). Joyously silly, it’s enormous fun both for reader and listener.
Morag Hood’s books are perfect for 2-4s and her brilliant humour is also greatly appealing for parents who will love the slightly surreal nature of Spaghetti Hunters as much as her other books. With minimal text, Hood tells the story of two friends, one of whom is a bit of a know-all, and their quest for an everyday childhood favourite. In reading, we also learn a little about how spaghetti is made, teaching very young children something about the origin of their food