Book cover for The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep



31 July 2014
416 pages
Imprint: Picador


An astonishing tour de force, at once an intellectual, emotional and political thriller . . . an American novel in which plot characters and ideas are in perfect balance. By bringing the past alive, Gordon enables us to see more clearly where America stands now
Rousing, cerebral . . . Gordon's plot is a doozy - a trio of doozies, in fact - yet utterly credible. He projects wrenching political and personal drama onto a slightly futuristic version of where we stand now as a people. In doing so he shows how we got here . . . What makes this novel so compelling is not only the ideological spectrum it covers but its emotional chiaroscuro . . . It bids well to enter the company of our best fiction about the Vietnam era
The Company You Keep works as a thriller, but the adventures . . . are grounded firmly in larger political and moral issues, in this case the passionate conviction that the radical opposition in the '60s to the Vietnam War represented the high point of American idealism, the best dream America ever had . . . The characters speak with passion about serious moral issues, and they admit to us the intimate moments of their lives where the political and the personal intersect. The result is a compelling story
Gordon has intertwined fact and fiction as seamlessly as Don DeLillo did in Libra, his "factional" account of Kennedy's assignation . . . [A] precisely written swashbuckler, a serious, sometimes brilliant, always protean tale . . . lively [and] energetic