Your Story Matters

Nikesh Shukla

14 April 2022
360 pages


Stories can be powerful tools for our aspirations. Stories that reflect the society we want to be in, that show the multitudinousness and multiculturalism of the UK, make us citizens of everywhere. And that’s why, to me, stories matter.

Your Story Matters is an indispensable and inclusive guide not only to the how of writing, but also the why. Nikesh Shukla, author, writing mentor and bestselling editor of The Good Immigrant, knows better than most the power that every unique voice has to effect change. Everyone has a story inside that only they can tell; all you need is the friendly, informal and practical advice in this book to help draw it out and let you know that your story is worthy of being told. Whether it's a novel, personal essay, non-fiction work or short story – or even just the formless desire to write somethingYour Story Matters will hone your skill and help you along the way.

This book includes exercises and prompts that will develop your idea, no matter what genre you're writing in. It is practical, to the point and focused on letting you figure out WHAT you want to write, HOW you want to write and WHY this is the best use of your voice. This book will challenge you to write in styles you don't like as well as styles you feel comfortable with, inspiring you to push against the boundaries of others' expectations - and your own. Accessible and thought-provoking, Your Story Matters will inspire you to keep thinking about writing, even when you don't have the time to put pen to paper.