SLAM! You're Gonna Wanna Hear This

Ages 12+
03 September 2020
160 pages


It's time to reclaim poetry.

Collected by international poetry sensation Nikita Gill, SLAM! You're Gonna Wanna Hear This is a joyful celebration of the ground-breaking poets making their voices heard in the spoken word scene. Empowering, inspiring and often hilarious, SLAMs are a platform for well-known and emerging talent from all walks of life where every style of poetry has a home.

With poets such as Raymond Antrobus, Sophia Thakur and Dean Atta guest starring alongside up-and-coming poets, this is the perfect introduction to the world of modern poetry. Each poet will introduce their poem, tell you a little bit about themselves and give you a tip for preparing brilliant performance poetry.

SLAM was one of the best poetry collections I’ve read in a long time. With some poems leaving me in tears and others imparting feelings of joy, these poets have done an incredible job at showing why vulnerability can help us connect and empower. It serves as a beautiful introduction to anyone wanting to explore the spoken word poetry in its written form.
A life-affirming and transformative collection, curated by a huge talent
Our testers hadn’t heard of slam poetry before and, if they’re honest, were a little hesitant that a book of poetry could speak to them, but their preconceptions were soon proved wrong and they were blown away by the powerful prose in this book. Buy for your teenager, buy for yourself – basically buy a copy for everyone you know and introduce them to the incredible talent of voices that urgently need to be heard.