The Price of Love

Nikola T. James

17 July 2014
304 pages


Nikola was sexually assaulted and raped as a girl, her disturbed behaviour and emotional cries for help ignored by the adults around her. Her self-esteem at rock bottom she fell prey to a frightening stranger, a man who would turn her life into a living nightmare. He was handsome and charming and she was too young to see the warning signs. She married him while she was in her teens and the abuse started on the first night of their honeymoon. Over the next few years she was kept a virtual prisoner, subject to beatings and abuse, tormented by her husband who insisted he was only doing this because he loved her. Finally, fearing he would kill her, she found the strength to escape.

Eventually Nikola turned her life around and today works as a therapist helping others. Written without self-pity, this is a compelling and ultimately inspiring book.