Amy's Wartime Christmas

Pam Weaver

20 October 2016
400 pages


A story perfect for the fireside, Amy's Wartime Christmas is a compelling read, exclusive to eBook from Pam Weaver, author of Love Walked Right In.

When Amy Hobbs steps off the train in Worthing, 1943, she's determined to make a difference to the seaside town. The only policewoman at the local station, she's going to have to do her very best amongst old-fashioned superiors who think a woman's work should be making the tea, not arrests.

After enduring four hard years of war on the homefront, Christmas can't come soon enough for the townsfolk. While families save up what little they have for the festive season, Amy begins to suspect there is a secret ring of black marketeers in Worthing and is determined to uncover them, even if it means putting herself in danger.
Meanwhile, a local woman fears she is being stalked - a man is watching and waiting by her house at night. Who is he, what does he want, and can Amy Hobs step in just in time?

It won't be easy to pull together the Christmas everyone deserves, but Amy isn't one to give up without a fight...

What a terrific read - Saga fans everywhere will love it and be asking for more from this talented author
An engaging and gripping post war saga . . . a hard-hitting story of female friendship tested against the odds
A heartrending story about mothers and daughters