Book cover for Rumaysa: A Fairytale

Rumaysa: A Fairytale

Ages 9 to 11



01 April 2021
240 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


Glitteringly beautiful & heart-thumpingly exciting. I laughed, gasped & cried tears of joy, this is a fairytale reimagining the world has needed for a long time. It's going to dazzle & delight readers of all ages
I loved the three heroines of this wonderful tale, loved how their stories intersected each other and that they were their own rescuers and path-finders. Three classic fairytales, beautifully woven together, sparkling with magic and humour.
All the fairytales in this exciting collection are vivid, magical and wonderful – each one spinning the genre on its head and bringing the stories right up to date with their diverse heroines taking centre stage. I just adored it!
An enchanting and cleverly woven trio of tales filled with humour, charm, and magic.