Rumaysa: Ever After

Radiya Hafiza

Illustrated by Rhaida El Touny

Ages 8 to 11
28 April 2022
256 pages


Return to a Once Upon a Time where anything is possible . . . Rumaysa: Ever After is the enchanting sequel to Radiya Hafiza's Rumaysa: A Fairytale – a gorgeously empowering and funny story that spins the classic fairytale to show that anyone can be a hero.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fiercest one of all?

Ever since she escaped her tower, Rumaysa has been searching the land, far and wide, determined to find her long lost parents. But after she receives a mysterious invitation from Saira White, Queen of Bishnara, she is soon pulled into a dark, magical adventure, that threatens her own happily ever after . . .

This eagerly anticipated sequel enchantingly intertwines traditional stories of Princesses, Princes, Witches and Beasts with a fresh and empowering perspective, beautifully illustrated by Rhaida El Touny.

Every bit as wonderful as Rumaysa A Fairytale. Brimming with excitement, adventure, humour, and heart, and with a Happily Ever After that brought a tear to my eye!
a winner . . . brimming with action, heart, thrills, spills and chills, this is a terrific tale for readers young and old
Hugely entertaining . . . a wonderful adventure to add to your child's book shelves, giving a glimpse into another culture and a reminder to young readers that heroines come from all kinds of backgrounds and communities