Aunt Amelia

Rebecca Cobb

Ages 3 to 7
25 July 2019
32 pages


A brilliantly fun story about a rather unusual babysitter from Rebecca Cobb, the award-winning illustrator of The Paper Dolls and The Everywhere Bear.

When Mum and Dad go away for the night, Aunt Amelia comes to look after one very cross little girl and boy. They do not want to be looked after and, even worse, Mum and Dad have left a list of boring instructions. But Aunt Amelia turns out to be rather different from expected . . . and a lot more fun!

Gorgeous illustrations accompany the sweet and funny text in Aunt Amelia – every child (and adult) will wish for an aunt like Amelia!

Also available from Rebecca Cobb: Lunchtime, The Something and Hello Friend!

This is one of the sweetest books I've read in years and [. . .] is sure to become the hugely popular timeless classic it deserves to be.
A charmingly funny, warm and beautiful story.
Cobb's illustrations ooze colour, noise, wit and warmth with a perfect understanding of what makes the little ones laugh out loud. Come back soon, Aunt Amelia . . .