Book cover for Hello Friend!

Hello Friend!

Ages 3 to 7



25 July 2019
32 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


[Rebecca] Cobb's illustrations capture the joy of childhood
This funny and cheerful picture book tells one story in the text and another in the easy-to-read pictures, as an overenthusiastic little girl is determined to befriend a reluctant boy at playgroup. But a twist shows friendliness is to be recommended.
There is a lovely warmth saturating Rebecca Cobb’s Hello Friend!, in which a rosy-cheeked protagonist plays zealously with a less enthusiastic pal, building towers, sharing lunch and banging a tambourine. At last, a small farewell smile shows that she has won him over, and the next day he is as excited as she is. A charming look at playground dynamics that effortlessly evokes pre-schooler feelings of being excited and overwhelmed
Friendship and optimism are what Rebecca Cobb’s Hello Friend! (Macmillan, £11.99, 3+) addresses, with typical insight, wit and graphic elegance. A little blonde girl insists on befriending a shy brown-haired boy at nursery, relentlessly offering him things he doesn’t like. She risks rejection – but triumphs.