Book cover for The Killing of Butterfly Joe

The Killing of Butterfly Joe



24 January 2019
352 pages
Imprint: Picador


A wonderful entertainment . . . a thoroughly readable and appealingly eccentric book
An exuberant, coming-of-age romp . . . a bittersweet comedy of sentimental education . . . larger-than-life fun
A wild-eyed road trip across America, filled with colourful characters, crazy anecdotes, sparky dialogue . . . Brook’s writing remains as considered and enchanting as ever. And it’s funny too, which is always a wonderful thing
A boldly unique book with an adventure story at its core . . . the biggest joy of this novel is in the brilliantly teased out sense of dread that starts the moment you pick up the book and read the title . . . a beautiful story, and beautifully told too . . . This novel is an adventure in every sense of the word