Charkin Blog

Richard Charkin

03 October 2008
578 pages


‘This is it. I am officially entering the blogosphere. This is not a Macmillan blog, but Macmillan will certainly feature heavily. The idea is that when we need to share anything from company strategy through news, to talk about new ideas or to help us learn from our successes and our mistakes, we can all blog about it here. This means no more email newsletters from me. Instead, you can read (and blog) all about it here. And don’t forget to bookmark this page and to let colleagues know all about it. The broader the audience the more effective this blog becomes. And it becomes a lot more interesting if you join the conversation . . . so don’t be shy.’

The Charkin Blog gave voice to Richard Charkin’s many and varied opinions over the last two years of his time at Macmillan. Only time will tell whether it will go down in publishing history. Meanwhile this book offers readers a valuable record.

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