The Lost Witness

Robert Ellis

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23 November 2010

He was hiding in the shadows, staring at her. And he was close. He must have crept around the row of cars when she turned her back. They were alone. All alone . . .

When disgraced LA homicide detective Lena Gamble is finally given a new case, she suspects she's being set up. The body of a young woman is discovered in a rubbish truck on Hollywood Boulevard. There are no apparent witnesses, and no clues. Just a naked body - badly mutilated, and gruesome enough to ensure that, once again, the media will be following Lena's every move.

Desperate to prove herself, she teams up with colleague Stan Rhodes and together they follow a tip which leads them to ID the girl.

Jennifer McBride was a twenty-five-year-old prostitute with a wealthy clientele - but Lena discovers something about her which no-one could ever have imagined. As the body count continues to rise, everything looks as the killer wants it to look, and Lena comes to understand that he is cleaning house. The question is why? And will she survive long enough to find the shocking answer?